Passing disagreeable notes – Pre-intermediate – advanced.

A three stage, zero-preparation unplugged lesson.

Lesson aims:

  • To practise giving opinions
  • To help speaking fluency
  • Class grammar review
  • Writing opinions

Stage One: –

Each student must write an opinion on a slip of paper.

As a guide, this opinion must be something that can be argued: “Barcelona is the best football team in the world”, “Eating meat is murder”, for example.

However, you must be explicit in your instruction; I personally ask for no extremely personal, religious or political points. Anyway, you know your class, so use your best judgement. As they write, monitor. Collect each paper and give corrections. This should be quick, as they’ve only written one sentence.

Stage Two –

Tell the students they are going to give an opinion about a statement someone else has written. However, there are some rules:

  1. They must speak for one minute, no more, no less. I often use an online stop watch. It’s visual and fun and adds a little tension!
  2. They must say whether they agree or disagree without seeing the paper first.
  3. They must speak on the topic given, even if they wrote it themselves.

Go round as a class, take notes on errors.

Stage Three – Class error correction.

Write the important errors on the board. Get the class to correct each sentence in pairs. Guide them as necessary.

Pick an error / grammar point you want to focus on and give them some written practice.

Follow up:

Get your students to write an opinion piece based on one of the written statements.

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