The Dangers of the Internet – A Pre-intermediate + Lesson by Simon McDonald


Conflict: Storytelling with Images, Words and Video – optionally using the iPad

Image by Spiritless Visionary, Flickr

Narrow Reading, learner autonomy, and Web-quests: Homework Using Thinglink

From Voki.com

Some Ideas to Help you Get Started Using Voki with Young Learners

Image by George Chilton

My City – Our Story; A Group Formation and Introduction Activity Using Skyline Photographs


The Black Hole – Description, Discussion and Writing

By Shahram Sharif, via Flickr

What’s the Story? Character creation, and Emergent Language Using Images

introduce ourselves

First Lesson Reports: Getting Started with Exam classes (FCE, CAE, CPE)


The Big Picture – Images and Reported Speech Introduction – Intermediate

full breakfast

A Full English Breakfast