A designer lessons ESL Lesson plan developed by George Chilton

I think this would be a nice way to start off a discussion. Thanks to Gemma Lunn for pointing me in this direction – there are several One Question videos on YouTube. I’ve chosen this because it’s quite short and I like the production quality. If you want to see more like it check out Josiah Holwick.

This is a short post, but the looser the plan here, the better. I think the majority of the input and discussion should come from your students. The idea is to guide, monitor and correct the language. After each discussion point, stop the class and write errors on the board for peer correction. Look at the individual grammar points and expand upon them as necessary.

Lesson Aims

Happy Tomatoes

In Barcelona, they'd cut these up 'n rub them violently on to bread. Pa amb tomàquet.

  • Discussion
  • Second conditional in conversation
  • Error correction
  • Vocabulary building and listening comprehension

Stage One

Ask your students what they would ask if they could ask anything to the people of their city. Get them to share their answer with the class. I’m inclined to let each individual answer this question, but this clearly depends on numbers. You could always get them to discuss this in pairs or small groups if your class is crazy mega-big.

Stage Two

Ask students to write something down (they are willing to share) that would make them happy. They should keep this secret for the time-being. Then show the following video:

*You’ll have to view it on YouTube as they don’t allow embedding. Hint: use Zamzar.com to download the video. I hate relying on internet connections in class.

Students should put the following answers from the video in order. Put them in groups – each student should take about 4 answers and  put them on the table  in the order that they hear them.  You’ll only need one set cut up for each group.

This is the correct order, though I  have missed some out. The students could listen again and take down those which have not been included in the list:

  • True happiness is definitely surrounding, being with my family.
  • It would be an entirely weightless back pack, I could put anything I wanted into it and it wouldn’t weigh anything.
  • For me, I think it would be a yacht
  • Being a princess.
  • Does money count?
  • House, car – all that stuff.
  • Can my tangible thing just be creating?
  • Better food and better access to better food.
  • Being able to wake up looking at him every day.
  • Happy? I’m already happy.
  • I would want a good wife. I had one, but she wasn’t good.
  • It would be great; equality of opportunity, you know? The same for people that live in Haiti…or in Africa. That would make me happy. Equality of opportunities, brother, yeah.
  • I’d like to be accepted by the world. I never have been.
  • Increase people’s intelligence; what little they have – I don’t know if it’s possible.
  • Making other people happy, seing other people smile.
  • If I nail this audition that I have down at Sam’s Town Casino Las Vegas on Friday.
  • My health; physical, mental and emotional.

Stage Three Possible discussion questions

  • Did anyone say the same thing as they did?
  • What was the most predictable answer?
  • Which answer do they think was the strangest?
  • What was the best answer?
  • Do they think these answers would be typical in their country?
  • Is there something that they particularly disagree with?
  • If they could talk to any of the interviewees, who would it be and why?

Please share how your students reacted with us in the comments below.

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