A designer lessons ESL Lesson plan developed by George Chilton

This is a short lesson, with lots of potential to be expanded upon. It give you the opportunity to really engage your class and get them talking about what makes them unique. Let me know how you use it and how you follow-up afterwards in the comments.

Lesson Aims:

  • Discussion
  • Comparison
  • Presentation

Stage one

Ask your students to discuss the following questions in groups – make them think about the whole world, not just their country.

Useful language – will for prediction.

I think the average person will be 30 years old.

  • How much money does the average person make a year?
  • How tall is the average person?
  • How old is the average person?
  • Does the average person have a mobile (cell) phone?
  • Are there more men or women in the world?
  • Which is the largest ethnic group?

Once they have finished they can share their predictions, give them corrections at this stage.

Stage two

Show the following National Geographic video. Ask them to compare their guesses with the research. They should also take notes to gather any other interesting information.

After the video ask if they found anything surprising.

Now get them to draw a table comparing themselves to the average person. At this stage you can give them useful phrases for comparison.

A comparison of Mills Darden and a person of a...

Image via Wikipedia

I am 17, whereas the average person is 28.

I am left-handed, but the average person is right-handed.

I am 1 metre tall, which is a little shorter than the average person.

Stage three

Pairwork – design the average person from their country (if you have a class of mixed nationalities, get them to design an average person from the country you are in).

The groups can present these ideas to the rest of the class – and see if people agree or disagree with one another.

Follow up with error correction.

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