Yes, Designer Lessons is one!

Today is our blog’s birthday, it’s been exactly one year since I started this project – so I thought I’d talk a little bit about how Designer Lessons – ELT Resources came to be. Designer lessons really has been a journey in professional development for me. I’ve made some great friends, discovered Twitter (@designerlessons), and got a new job with a publisher.  I am eager and motivated to continue with this project, because I have had so much support, from friends, colleagues, and my PLN.

A very big thank-you goes to my co-writer Neil McMillan,  who has brought at least a century’s  worth of teaching experience, and loads more qualifications than me, to the blog. Neil has taught in Scotland, Guatemala, and Spain among other places. He joined me when the blog was still in short-trousers, which I appreciated greatly–and he has been producing quality lesson plans, ideas and sharing useful resources ever since. It’s been a privilege to work with Neil both in the classroom and on this project.

When I first started writing these lesson plans, I was working in Oxford TEFL, Barcelona– and the inspiration to start writing came from my colleagues.  The school has a notable ethos of sharing, which is encouraged by the more experienced teachers (and very welcomed by the others!). If a lesson goes well for one teacher, they share it with another—with plenty of post-lesson reflection, adaptation and improvements along the way— and that isn’t something I’ve seen in many other places. So Designer Lesson has just been the natural extension to that.

Well that’s it, I wanted to keep this one brief, so to conclude this little birthday message with an Oscars-esque ream of thanks. I would like to say thank you to lots of people—to all my former students, and everyone who has contacted me, contributed and sent me their lesson plans.

Extra special thanks go to Livy Vargas Sarmiento (my crazy little Colombian girlfriend), Gareth H Jones, Gemma Lunn, Matthew Watson-Jones, Nermeen Alireza, Lola Ribalta, Vivian Gilles, Jade Cintron, Kieran Donaghy, Alex S Walsh,  Phil Wade– for being generally awesome, Dan Shepherd, Christopher Hackney– for giving his students that little bit extra, Oxford TEFL’s Duncan Foord— for all his encouragement over the years, and last but definitely not least, my brilliant former Directors of Studies Heather Van Fleet and Claire Venables.  Lots of names there–so I’m sure I’ve missed some.

Finally, thanks to everyone who follows the blog, shares lesson plans and comment on them, because honestly, without you, this wouldn’t exist.

There’s no development without doing, no growth without change—so  please do get in touch with me if you would like to send us any suggestions, comments, criticisms, or cake.

Ta for now,


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