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Narrow Reading, learner autonomy, and Web-quests: Homework Using Thinglink


Lessons with Maps 2: Europe According To …


Some Ideas to Help you Get Started Using Voki with Young Learners

Image by George Chilton

My City – Our Story; A Group Formation and Introduction Activity Using Skyline Photographs


The Black Hole – Description, Discussion and Writing

By Kevin Dooley via Flickr

Guest Lesson by Gareth H. Jones – Does festive music make shoppers spend more money?


Blog Anniversary – Designer Lessons is one!


Lessons with Maps 1: Professor Puke and the Follies of Youtube Caption Creator

By Shahram Sharif, via Flickr

What’s the Story? Character creation, and Emergent Language Using Images

By Lewis Hine, New York. Public Domain image

A Chat with the Barcelona TEFL Teacher Association


DJs Complaining

introduce ourselves

First Lesson Reports: Getting Started with Exam classes (FCE, CAE, CPE)


The Big Picture – Images and Reported Speech Introduction – Intermediate

Cover image via Flickr by @doug888888

Girl Meets Boy – Identity, Marriage…and a Twist. A Guest Post by Matthew Watson Jones

full breakfast

A Full English Breakfast


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